Write This Character’s Story

Have you ever dreamed of writing a book, making a movie, or coming up with an awesome game? It all starts with the storyline, and we are trying to create all the above, starting with the stories first.

But we don’t want to create just any story. We want it to be something all people can join AND OWN. A 100% user-owned storyverse, comic series, and film and game franchise. Something which can be built from the ground up by the entire community.

It could be that your destiny is intertwined with ours. If this speaks to you, write your part of the #WikacyMetaverse.

We will be periodically purchasing premade 3d characters from the Unity Asset Store or Daz 3d, such as this little guy here. You can earn the rights to the story of the character by writing the storyline. Or, you can make your own character. Even turn yourself into a character. You can also just start writing, and we will either purchase the character assets of your choice or help you create them. Full animation sequences, 3d renders, and environments for each of your stories.

Detroit SMASH WikacyApp and then the WORLD.

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