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Why we need tutorial fact-checkers

The internet is flooded with people doing everything they can to entice people into watching their tutorials on YouTube, Patreon, and other corporate-owned social media.

The problem is, this is leading to a great multitude of false tutorials.

These tutorial makers go to great lengths to convince people they will be teaching something new and valuable, but rarely do they fulfill that promise.

The desire to earn ad-revenue from views and hours watched on YouTube has caused many to make false claims about what they are teaching.

We need a dedicated team of true and knowledgeable tutorial makers to start fact checking these people in order to hold them accountable.  We also need to create a platform which will automatically flag tutorials found to be false or contain false information.

We can use the YouTube API and other automations to automatically comment and flag false tutorials in order to give the potential viewer a warning before they waste their time watching these false tutorials.

If you are reading this and you believe you would be good at fact-checking tutorials, you could earn real money for each successful tutorial fact-check.

All you would have to do is create a video of the false tutorial and explain why the tutorial is false in an article providing the correct information. You can create your video on Youtube or Wikacy and embed it in a blog post or a public doc. Once we review your tutorial, we will pay you between $50 to $100 to publish as a tutorial fact-check on this platform.

Become a tutorial fact-checker here.

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