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We Can Change the World

We can change the world…

We have an opportunity to truly affect the world in a profound way.  Writers, content creators, developers, and artists are the new media.  We create the apps, games, websites, and content the world sees.  But as the digital revolution continues to evolve, powerful forces are implementing plans to retain control; and the only way the people will remain free is by uniting and building our own platform.

This is why we created this new website — to test the concept of a broad, user-owned digital media and publishing platform.  To my knowledge, this has never been done before.  Every app ever made has been created to monetize for the owners.  Never before has an app been developed for the sole purpose of giving the small people of this world their own platform.

The fact that we have pledged to each user actual ownership in this platform has monumental implications.  Because you own your space on Wikacy, you are the one who earns 100% of the revenue your content generates.  You are also responsible for the content you share, meaning your content will never be censored for political or religious views.

We sincerely hope you join this ambitious project.  If all small people unite, we can truly change the world!

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