The Wikacy Metaverse

Here it is an entire year since we pioneered a dream to create a fictional multiverse owned by every contributor.

With the launch of our new world-building AI pipeline, every aspect of the real world has merged with our model.

We are now scraping metadata from across the web and applying the transformations created by our users to create mirror-images of every company, public figure, and social world issue.

Real but fiction, normal yet fantastic, representative yet deniable, to create a new world, where the small, no-name writer may hold the most powerful company accountable, and every single article of digital content passes revenue to the #creator alone.

And while we are at it, we will be writing the language of the resistance — we will create a persistent code character for everything, and during the coming censorship, while advertisers are silenced, we will still speak.

#NFTs are old news.  Big Films and Big Books will fall by the wayside as the small creators are exalted above the largest media monopolies.  The new thing will be the decentralized, user-owned #Metaverse.

Start writing on or Wikacy for Android.

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