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The Internet of the Future

The Wizard of Wik took me many places during our travels. He carried me far into the past, then into the near future, expounding to me various themes of humanity. He showed me a pattern, and how history repeats itself many times, over and over again.

I think the main lesson he wished for me to communicate to the people is the fact that, over and over again, power balances out in a significant and revolutionary way. Whenever the people as a whole become fed up with oppression, they first discuss, then revolt.

This happens on many levels, each time new in some way, but always following the same pattern.

He showed me that the next great revolt would be digital. I saw a great worldwide revolution in internet technology and communications.

During our last trip, we went to the year 2045, a period when the earth was recovering from a great conflict. While he promised to show me the exact cause very soon, that was not the purpose of the lesson at the time. He wished for me to behold the world after the people took control of Big Tech. And I must say, it was really impressive.

I saw a people who seemed relaxed and at ease. No longer were there mass protests and movements based on ideals and political conflicts. Everyday tasks which consume all of our time today were automated. Just about every form of manufacturing was done built by robots. But the people were not concerned with jobs, because their livelihood came from other things.

And the internet was owned by all the people.

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