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The Fictional Cortex

Speaking to humanity in a mass-hypnotic state is easier said than done.  The hypnotized becomes seduced by the proverbial “voice” of the hypnotist, namely, the tools used to shock and re-induct the minds of the masses.  However, while even the most acclaimed clinical hypnotists admit the current pandemic has induced such a mass state of hypnosis,, I would argue this state was induced a very long time ago, and the powers of the media have already discovered and perfected the means by which we can penetrate the frontal cortex and speak truth to the masses.


The mainstream media, Hollywood, social media, news outlets, and just about every major corporation in the world has used the power of fiction to manipulate the masses towards a certain behavior, almost always some form of spending.  No insurance salesman has been more successful than the little green lizard which has penetrated the minds of almost everyone in the world.  While there are many clear scientific studies which support this theory, we need not go into it here.  To prove the power of fiction, we need only look into ourselves and consider how our lives have been effected by the stories we love.  There is no argument needed.  Fiction is the tool whereby a person can speak to humanity and communicate a clear message during any hypnotic state.  Even the Messiah “spoke to them in parables.”

Hypnotists will also admit that not every person is susceptible to fractionation, what hypnotists commonly refer to as a deepening of the hypnotic state through continual wakening and reinduction of trance.  There are certain people in this world who are unable to be hypnotized.  These people usually become targets for various regimes or institutions behind the agendas of the mass-psychosis, and they become singled-out, executed, or imprisoned, because they attempt to speak to the masses in a logical way, which is almost always flagged, censored, or cancelled.  History is rife with examples of the complete annihilation of certain political groups and movements who tried to speak to the masses in a way which does not align with the agendas of the hypnotists.

We who have this ability need only speak to ourselves in plain language.  To speak to the masses, those who suffer from the trance, we must use the same tools used by the hypnotists.  We must use allegorical parallels of fiction. By using fiction, not only can we avoid the radar of the evil forces behind the mass-manipulation, but we can also penetrate through the cloud of deceit and stir within the minds of the people the seeds of their awakening.  If enough of us join together and infiltrate the large platforms with a collaborative, user-owned fictional metaverse, we can inspire the masses to exercise their own creativity and write their own story, thereby freeing them from the false narrative of the dark forces of this world.

The Fictional Cortex.



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