Project X: The Alternet

The only reason the Machines scrapped the idea of using balloons to bring the internet to millions of people is because it did not fit into their business goals, which is centralization of power and cloud storage in hard-wired data centers.  The system will work perfectly for the Alternet, which will be a block-chain based alternative to the current internet, where every user owns their own space in the cloud, along with the rights to their data.

The Alternet will not need to record, track, or index data, because it is not designed to track you, spy on your online activities,  or monetize your information.  And since your data will be stored on your local cloud, hosted on your own machine, there will be no need to beam troves of data across multiple towers and satellites, which means the transmitters can be made much smaller, while remaining self-guided and self balanced.

If the people unite and launch the Alternet, we will have a free and non-regulated network with all the same abilities of the current internet, only built on a much different model.  No single entity will hold a monopoly on the people’s ability to share and receive data in real time. The “playing god” Game will be over for Big Tech.

The choice to be free or to be a slave is yours.

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