We Can Bring Balance to the Force

We can bring balance to the force… Free speech has become subject to the algorithms of the large corporate-owned platforms who have decided to promote one agenda over all others.  If the people do not unite and build apps with an opposite algorithm, freedom will be lost, and the next generation will only know what […]

The Internet of the Future

The Wizard of Wik took me many places during our travels. He carried me far into the past, then into the near future, expounding to me various themes of humanity. He showed me a pattern, and how history repeats itself many times, over and over again. I think the main lesson he wished for me […]

Let’s Build a New Internet

We will build a new internet – one that is owned by the people. The world is changing fast, and the primary factor is a deeply embedded feeling by a strong majority that they are being oppressed and strangled financially. But we can do something about it. Networks now control free speech and the wealth of […]

Hello New World!

Welcome to Wikacy, the world’s only user-owned multiverse! This is not just a blog, and not just a social network. This is a project for a new world, and we are so glad you are hear to build it with us! Do not think of yourself as a user. You are an Owner. Welcome! Here, […]