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Free Design Canvas

As part of our mission to provide free tools and knowledge for small creators, we are developing a new Canva – like digital design editor.

Instead of charging money for use of this new editor, we are building a point system based on creativity and social sharing.

You will be able to earn points for contributing to our library of templates and designs, and earn bonus points each time your designs are used.

In addition to images, you will be able to create video templates with json code and designate assets as placeholders, so that another user can replace the assets with their own media while still using your template.

If you are not familiar with Json (JavaScript Object Notation), it’s ok, because we are creating an entire course for beginners using our new video json concept in collaboration with our friends as Shotstack API.

The goal is to create an internal economy of creativity and collaboration, while providing free tools and resources for small creators and writers.

This program will also create a micro-income stream for users — all the more reason to get involved with The Wikacy Project and join our efforts to create a new user-first internet.

Join our beta testing program and try out our demo canvas today!

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