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Boycotting The Berg

Boycotting Facebook, for a new app, is like the U.S.S. Enterprise trying to resist The Borg.  But in the end we will win!

We have decided the only way to take a stand against the Facebook platform and their monopolistic policies is to delete our accounts, remove our pages, remove our apps, and permanently boycott the platform.

We do not wish to integrate with Facebook’s data-mining SDK, because we value users’ rights to privacy.

We truly believe the key to the people taking back control of the net is for developers to start building apps with a focus on monetizing for the user.  If every user owned their online online space, no one entity could ever control the narrative of the world or engage in unfair censoring practices with the government.

We would love to hear your thoughts and any ideas you may have to get the word out there about this concept and this app.  If this hits home for you, please let me know, or please check out, or Wikacy on Google Play.


Daniel Perley, a.k.a. Young Wizard

Founder of the Wikacy Project.

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