illustrative media

A Fictional Neural Network

Imagine if the algorithm in your social network trained an AI model to help you write your novel, draw your concept art, and make your movie, instead of just showing you ads.

Now, imagine if that same AI learned your relationship with other “characters” in your social network and the entire metaverse collectively in order to dynamically create an ongoing series of novels, films, and games for which you own 100% of your part.

We are building this. In WikacyApp, every bio, story, avatar, and character sheet is being used to create a fictional world much different than the ones produced by the mainstream media and film industry. This franchise is owned and controlled by every contributor, and it will tell the most important story ever told.

A story of hope for all humanity.

Keep this in mind when you create your profile, upload your concept art, and write your stories. Keep this in mind when you forge an alliance or engage an enemy.

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